• The Link between Gardening and Wellbeing

    Gardening can do more than just brighten up your space: it is proven to be beneficial to mental and physical wellbeing. 

    So, why are plants so powerful? Here are just some of the reasons. 

  • 4 Botanical Drinks Inspired by your Summer Garden

    Now that summer is in session, it’s time for your plants to start bringing out your inner mixologist. Get inspired with 4 delicious recipes. 
  • Reasons to Make Cities Green

    We know intuitively that greener cities are a good thing.

    But beyond the obvious aesthetic and emotional benefits, why is having urban greenery so important? 

  • Good Enough To Eat! The many benefits of growing your own food

    Growing season is well and truly upon us, and now is a fantastic time to grow your own fruits, vegetables and herbs. 
  • Tomatoes | It's time to get growing!

    Lots of you have been searching far and wide for tomato plants, without much luck.  Last week, we struck lucky. A wonderful grower in Sussex has a ...
  • Plant Pack | Our Impact | Month 1

    A big thank you to our customers for helping us support British growers, rescue beautiful plants, and support the NHS. 
  • Plant Pack | Uncertain times for our growers

    The HTA recently reported that 1/3 of British growers may be out of business by the end of the year, and many face an uncertain future. Here's what our first family-run grower in Essex had to say about working with Plant Pack. 

  • Our Second Week | 17,000 Plants Saved, a New Grower, and another donation for the NHS!

    In our second week, we've focused on growing quickly so we can save more plants, support more growers, and increase our NHS donation. We're pleased to announce we've now rescued over 17,000 plants, and have raised enough to donate £10,000 in total!
  • Our First Week | Over 7,000 Plants Saved and £4,000 for the NHS

    Our first week of deliveries has salvaged over 7,000 plants, and we've raised enough to be able to donate over £4,000 to the NHS. 
  • Plant Pack | Our first day of deliveries | 704 plants saved

    On our first day of deliveries, we rescued 704 plants!